“Blubird is a spiritual guide who appeared in our dreams in the form of an animal. An animal spirit or spirit guide is a supernatural power that walks you through life. It teaches, guides and protects. Follow the spirit and you will find yourself!”

The BluBird music project empowers freedom, expression and imagination of the human soul into melody and rhythm. Like an exotic ancient bird who sings a song BluBird mixes sounds of chill out, deep house, nudisco, dance, r’n’b, funk and indie dance in to mesmerizing melodies.

As birds tend to fly the BluBird team loves to fly and perform! Their show combine live instruments with electronic music to send a special and delicate experience to their tribe of listeners. Their shows are an unrepeatable trip through the journey of the Blubird spirit. With improvisation at the core of their act every show is a unique satisfaction for all the music lovers.