10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel

You’ve seen some of our videos, but you’re not sure if you want our uploads in your subscription feed. Consider the following reasons to help your make up your mind:

  1. We upload a new track every day! Our uploads are fresh and we stay true to our motto: “Your guide to the latest music trends”.
  2. Since 2012 our subscribers have had the privilege, through our channel, to discover and follow the careers of artists such as: Kygo, Lost Frequencies, Felix Jaehn, Matoma, Kungs, Thomas Jack, filous and many more. We take pride in showcasing young talent and watching them develop into world class acts.
  3. Our name and logo are really cool.
  4. Music on our channel has been approved by the respectful copyright owners. They’re proud to be a part of our channel.
  5. We work with amazing photographers to make sure we have suitable background images for our videos.
  6. Every year The Vibe Guide Festival takes place on one of the hottest open-air clubs in the world: http://tvgfestival.com.
  7. We have another YouTube channe The Vibe Guide XO: http://youtube.com/thevibeguidexo. There’s just too much good music out there and we needed another channel to be able to share it all.
  8. We read all your comments. Your suggestions and opinions are always welcomed and most of them will be answered.
  9. If you don’t subscribe you will miss out. You can always unsubscribe later, but why would you do that?!
  10. We are here since 2012 and we’re constantly learning, adapting, improving and growing. You know it makes sense to HIT that subscribe button!